Experimenting With Our Nations Health

http://orwellness.ie/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/experimenting-with-Irish-health.gifExperimenting With Our Nations Health

In this age of budget cuts and constant tightening of belts, it’s true to say money is on everyone’s mind. Every year we see cuts to services and increases in taxes. How is this affecting the population?

It has been scientifically proven that in recent years the instances of mental illnesses, disease and death have risen. Long-term economic hardship has been seen to lead to increases in heart-attacks, strokes and depression.

The studies of stress conducted so far relate mostly to people who suffer from loneliness and social exclusion. They show that it causes wholesale reprogramming of genes in white blood cells, which in turn drives chronic inflammatory conditions. It has also been seen that prolonged stress triggers genetic predispositions to illnesses.

In effect, by making deep budget cuts, politicians and governments are are not just experimenting with the wealth of their nations, they are experimenting with their health also.

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Information sources from New Scientist Magasine