Nutritional Advice

We are delighted to announce that Glenville Clinic Ireland is now operating from Orwellness  – transform your health the natural way with Ireland’s leading nutritional healthcare practice!


Dr Marilyn Glenville is the UK’s leading nutritionist.   Through our associates, Glenville Nutrition Ireland, we provide her successful nutrition and lifestyle programmes for men and women, based on the latest research and years of clinical experience.  Experienced nutritional therapists offer a range of nutrition services, including one-to-one consultations, weight management programmes and tailored healthy eating seminars to businesses, colleges and schools on a wide variety of topics.


Individual consultations

The one-to-one consultations are designed to give you a tailored nutritional health programme, including:

  • A detailed review of your medical history, current health issues and diet
  • Additional testing via accredited laboratories where appropriate
  • Practical guidelines and ongoing support for improving your diet and lifestyle, including recipes and meal plans
  • Short and long term goals tailored to your lifestyle and health problems.

Weight Loss

The shocking fact is that only 1% of diets work. Most are too extreme to follow for more than a few weeks, and may even be unhealthy in the long term.  However, focussing on the food and lifestyle factors that contributed to your weight gain in the first place will help.

Only 1% of diets work in the long term because:

  • They are too restrictive – think cabbage soup
  • They attempt to radically change your eating habits overnight
  • They don’t address the underlying issues that caused your weight gain

Also, for many people of all ages, fat tends to settle around the middle.  This type of fat increases the risk of serious diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. We can help you to lose weight the healthy way, and keep it off with our one-to-one weight loss programmes.



There is ever-increasing evidence to support the importance of appropriate nutrition to improve fertility, for both men and women.  Crucial nutrients such as iron, zinc and essential fatty acids, often lacking in today’s diets, are vital in the pre-conception period to optimise sperm and egg quality.

The specialised, individual/couple consultations offered by Glenville Nutrition Ireland will review eating habits, lifestyle and medical history.   Advice can be given on tests to help identify potential hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies and recommendations for remedies.


Women's Health

Maybe you’ve been told you have a specific problem like endometriosis or fibroids? Or you are coping with symptoms related to your monthly cycle? Or maybe you are heading towards the menopause, or have concerns about osteoporosis?

There is much evidence to support the fact that treating female health problems naturally by addressing diet and lifestyle can help many women restore the balance of their lives and take control of their own health. 

In our consultations we can offer tests, where appropriate, which can be very helpful in identifying undiagnosed issues and pinpointing specific treatment programmes to help resolve underlying problems. Our nutritionists offer practical advice on diet and lifestyle, and help support you in making transitions for achieving long term vitality and good health.  Based on Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD’s research on women’s health, fertility and weight loss – as the author of many award-winning books, including Fat Around the MiddleGetting Pregnant Faster and Natural Solutions to Menopause – she has successfully treated female hormone problems, fertility and weight issues for over 30 years.