Therapies & Services


Many of us encounter a variety of problems and losses throughout our lives. At times these can seem overwhelming and cause further challenges with our relationships, families, work and happiness. At such times the process of counselling can provide help.

Counselling tends to deal more with immediate concerns that may be may be causing difficulties for an individual e.g. bereavement or relationship issues, etc.
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Psychotherapy is a process that allows a person to come to a fuller understanding of their abilities, difficulties, motivations or worries in conjunction with the therapist. This confidential relationship is mutually trusting and can continue for months or even years.

Psychotherapy tends to deal with deeper, more long-term issues that may be rooted in the past, where the affects of such are ongoing.
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Nutritional Advice

We are delighted to announce that the Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD Clinic, Ireland is now operating from Orwellness  – transform your health the natural way with Ireland’s leading nutritional healthcare practice! Have a look at what we can offer you.
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Weight Loss

Do you know why your previous diets didn’t work? Are you fed up trying weight loss products that don’t work? Worried about your health or that of your family? Want to fit back into your old clothes and improve your health and energy? We can help! Positive Nutrition at Orwellness have devised a very successful weight loss programme that actually works.
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Women’s Health

There is much evidence that treating female health problems naturally by addressing diet and lifestyle, can help.
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There is ever-increasing evidence to support the importance of appropriate nutrition to improve fertility, for both men and women.
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