The solutions to most of our problems are within us, but sometimes they are hidden.    Counselling is a space that you can use to explore your issues and problems safely, with gentle guidance from a therapist to help you find the “light inside”.  

Each person is unique, and even though we all have similar needs in life, our life experiences can affect how we perceive ourselves, other people and our situations.  By getting to know you, a counsellor can point out patterns of thinking that might be stopping you from seeing all sides of a situation clearly.  Sometimes, to make life a little bit easier, all you need to do is become aware of a problem that you might not have seen before.   At times you might have a decision to make, and counselling is a great opportunity to explore different angles and options that you might have, before making a decision.    And sometimes in life, decisions are made for you by circumstances that you might find difficult to live with.   Counselling is a good place to come to learn how to change your attitude towards something, to make it work for you instead of against you.   Above all, counselling is a safe, confidential space that is there to help you improve your life situation.  

Working with a counsellor happens at your pace, your timing.    At the inital consultation you will be encouraged to express your preferences regarding the therapist that you would feel comfortable with (e.g. male or female, etc.), and your expectations of the process.    You will likely find, by forming a therapeutic relationship with your counsellor, that in this world it is good to know that you have another form of support in your life to help carry you through the difficult times.