Weight Loss

We are delighted that Glenville Nutrition Ireland have joined us here at Orwellness, and are using our rooms as their main Dublin clinic.

The shocking fact is that only 1% of diets work.  Most are too extreme to follow for more than a few weeks, and may even be unhealthy in the long term.   However, focussing on the food and lifestyle factors that contributed to your weight gain in the first place will help.

Only 1% of diets work in the long term because:
• They are too restrictive – think cabbage soup ..
• They attempt to radically change your eating habits overnight
• They don’t address the underlying issues that caused your weight gain

Why not try something that really works?

Also, for many people of all ages, fat tends to settle around the middle.   This type of fat increases the risk of serious diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.  We can help you to lose weight the healthy way, and keep it off with our one-to-one weight loss programmes, or group courses running throughout the year.

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