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Your personal development as an individual is fundamental to your life.
This development will help you to grow as a person and will in turn benefit your career and everyone that comes into contact with you. Personal development will help you to communicate more effectively and gain more insight into how others see you. Additionally, you will be better equipped to understand others.
This development has the potential to change your life and those that meet you!
The results will be enjoyed by you in both your personal life, as well as your professional career – and life will be less stressful and more enjoyable.


Many individuals may struggle with this simple question. Outside of our work and families, we each are individuals with hopes, fears, ambitions, dreams, passions etc.
Is part of who you really are in some way lost or hidden? Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you seek clarity, change or recognition for you as a person.
Perhaps now is the time to make the time to reflect, consider and explore where you are in life and where you want to be? Do you want to identify what is really important to you and consider how you can achieve this?
This personal development course may well be the platform for you to seek the support and clarity you require.


Communication is a powerful element of all relationships. This is true in our field of employment, our family life, our circle of friends and in all contacts we have with others. However, just as a skilled surgeon ensures that his surgical instruments are at their optimum levels, in order to achieve the best results we too need to check that our manner of communication is at it’s best. This course will help you to reflect and improve on how you communicate.


If an Olympic athlete were to interpret the advice of his/her coach as criticism, it may be difficult to achieve the best possible outcome. Yet, so many individuals today may well hear genuine feedback as negative criticism, and something valuable may be lost.
How can we hear constructive feedback and yet be able to ignore unwanted criticism? This is a very important aspect of personal development that will be considered.

Course Facilitator

Tony Griffin has enjoyed over three decades as an entrepreneur and leader.
He has a BSc Hons in Psychotherapy and a distinction in the Fetac “Train the Trainer” Course. He has a renowned passion for teaching and training and brings enthusiasm and fun to adult learning.
Tony is personable and supportive as well as having belief in each individual to be the best they can be.

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